Tuesday, May 29, 2012


. You can only use these objects to go different places like run, walk and jogging.

. The clickers are called control markers

. Orienteering is called the thinking game where people have to think a lot of times with their group.

. Anyone can play this game even if they have any broken arms or legs or even if they are using crutches. It is a simple game for people to play together.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Howick Historical Village

My favourite thing from our trip to Howick Historical Village was Trolley making. First we needed instructions from Mrs White. We used nuts, bolts, washers, pins, spanners, wood and metal.
We had a list of things to check off to make our trolleys. We had students very excited to be making trolleys, even though it is very hard to put together.

All the students found it difficult to make it. But lucky we had Mrs White and Miss G and also Andrew to help us make our trolleys. Mrs White was such a kind and lovely lady she liked helping others with their trolley making. There were holes and we had to put screws into the holes.

When we finished we had to take the trolley apart. Some of us thought we needed the screwdriver but we did have it for help in case. The teachers did help the students take it apart. Some of the bolts were missing as we were packing it up for the next class (Rm 5) to come in. Washers were very big and medium also small, they went all over the place.

After we finished off our trolley we took a picture with our group. Pentagons the highest level was the first one to finished and was the last to take it apart. We took a photo and then room 5 came in because it was their turn to make trolleys. We put the metal sticks in the bag as well as the wood and wheels. We put nuts, spanners, screwdrivers and pins in the green bag to pack away. Pentagons wanted to stay and play on the trolley but it was taken apart already. We said our sadly goodbye to our trolley we made as a group. We had such a great time working together as a group. Me and my group were proud of each other. I missed building it up, but lucky there is always time to go with our parents with your free ticket we got from our teacher. I really liked Howick Historical Village it was great and awesome I wish to go again someday.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Reflection - Term 2

This term I liked doing my Gloss test with Miss G because I wanted to move up a higher level to achieve my goals for the end of this term.

The hardest thing was Basketball because I never knew how to shoot and dribble the ball but now I know how to dribble and shoot all the time.

I enjoyed Mothers Days mass because I was one of the readers, and Salome was reading her Mothers Day card and it was so sad to hear.

Holy Spirit Week 1

1) The water is a symbol of when Moses picked up his stick and God was parting the water so his people could get through the red sea.

2) The symbol of the fire shows that Moses was talking to God through the burning bush.

3) The wind is a symbol of the Holy Spirit coming into everyone who was in the room at Pentecost.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Wow! on Tuesday the 1st after morning tea Room 3 lined up in two lines to go to Basketball training. We met coach Bruce and Dwayne, they were our best trainers in Saint Pius X school.

Our first rule was no talking when the coach talks otherwise we will not know what to do. After we listened to coach Bruce we went off and some people had to hold up numbers so Bruce can tell us our numbers to go to the person who has the number 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. When we went to our numbers we had to learn how to dribble the ball and do some relays against the teams to have some fun and to learn how to do new stuff that we haven't tried. Bruce told us what is our Basketball names and group 5 picked Chicago Bulls, group 4 picked Lakers group 3 picked Breakers group 2 picked Giants and lucky last group 1 picked Jets.

We had so much fun learning how to play Basketball with Bruce and Dwayne. We learnt a lot of moves on Tuesday, it was awesome that we had Coach Bruce and Coach Dwayne. During Basketball lessons Chicago Bulls were losing and Coach Bruce said “Come On guys, Chicago Bulls never lose in a basketball game on t.v.” It was an awesome session.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Koro Art

Jesus in the middle and his two little kids sleeping to get some rest because they are going out for the day with their Dad.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Holy Faith Sisters

The Holy Faith Sisters are people that like to start schools for children
Holy Faith Sisters started our school because they wanted all children to learn and to get brainy.
Holy Faith Sisters started our school in 1958