Friday, March 21, 2014

Book Review - 3 little pig & the Big Bad Wolf

Author -James Orchard
Title -The 3 little Pigs

What was the book about?
To me this book is about 3 little pigs who try to build there own little houses for them to live in, but the only problem is that they built their houses where the big bad Wolf stays so the Big Bad Wolf decides to destroy all their houses one by one.

What 3 things did you like about the book?
*Firstly I liked how they all had a sad face when the mother said it’s time for them to live on there own because they are big enough. They were so sad to leave their parents thats why they had a sad face.
*Secondly I liked how the Big Bad Wolf blew down the 1st little piggy's house in just one blow, but it was kind of sad for the 1st and youngest piggy.
*Lastly I liked how the Big Bad Wolf was trying his best to blow down the Oldest piggy’s house. He thought he could blow it down in one blow but it didn’t because the oldest piggy’s house was built in bricks. I liked how he was struggling by trying to blow down the oldest piggy’s house.

What was your best part?
While reading this book my best part so far was when he was struggling by trying to blow down the oldest piggy’s house. I liked how he kept trying and trying.

Who was your favourite character?
My favourite character was the 3 little pigs because they were brave and too smart for the Big bad Wolf when building the last house in bricks

Who would you recommend this to?
The person I would recommend this to is Rosalina because she is sometimes brave at school and anywhere. She’s also smart..

Cyclone Lusi

What is a Cyclone - A cyclone is a time when it starts to rain lots and also it’s also a really heavy wind that can knock things down and damage things outside your house.Cyclone Lusi has hit New Zealand with heavy rain and strong winds that has destroyed people’s houses.

When did cyclone Lusi hit New Zealand - Cyclone Lusi started to hit New Zealand on Saturday 15 March 2014. It brang us lots of rain and wind.

Introduction :)
When people were updating me about cyclone Lusi hitting New Zealand I was really scared because I didn’t know if it will be really long or it might of been a short cyclone.When my whole family heard about the cyclone we all started to clean all our washing before cyclone Lusi started to arrive New Zealand.We all started to pull out our warm clothes and we just waited for Cyclone Lusi to arrive New Zealand.



Today I’m going to write to you about bullying. A bully is a person that does something to make someone feel bad.

The effects of being bullied causes people to be depressed and angry or even worse. If it gets taken too far they could hurt themselves.

Some of the reasons why people bully other people is because they might be jealous of another person they know.Another reason why they do it is because they get really angry so they want to take their anger out on someone else and they might want your attention.

There are different ways people bully people, they bully them from their mouth or from their actions. They say stuff like you ugly your mum and dad’s fat, they do it just to make you feel sad and they also want reactions from the person they are bullying.

A really good reason for bullying to stop is by ignoring them whenever they try to follow or say bad stuff about you..
Bullying should really stop

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

All About Me

Talofa Lava my name is Monique
I am in year 7
In my spare time I like to play sports like basketball and rugby with my friends and family. I also love to watch horror movies with my friends.
My favourite school subjects are Reading and writing.
In my family I  have 2 brothers and 1 sister who I really like to laugh with.