Monday, December 1, 2014

Santa Letter

Address - 21 Phoenix Street
Date - 21.04.1998

Dear St.Nicholas..

I will be doing this letter for you because I want you to please give me presents for Xmas.

For Christmas I would like -
*My own room
*Getting to live over and over again
*Heaps of Jewelry

The reason why I deserve presents is because I have been helping out with the chores at home and I try my best in making everyone happy.. I also think I deserve presents because I always do the dishes and I think it’s not fair cause I’m a girl and boys should do the dishes cause the girls help out with the cooking.

The people who don’t deserve presents is -
Joshua because he wastes too much time putting gel on his hair.
Rosalina because shes always late to school,
My Brother Isaiah because hes spends more time playing Playstation instead of helping out and My sister cause she wastes our Internet

I hope you give me presents because I’m cool. Also remember not to give Joshua,Rosalina,Isaiah and Zheiyna their presents because they waste time.