Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Life In Room 6 :)

In room 6 it was very sad because we had to sadly swap teachers because Miss Leaupepe got a position at the National Library.

During school my life in room 6 is like I’m  in a zoo at different times like maths, writing, reading and even S.S.R.

I like having a pacific and sporty teacher named Mr Slade he likes to teach us a lot of Geometry  shapes and the mostly Fractions.

In room 6 everyone’s behaviour changes when we move on to each subject in class. Also when we have a reliever they don’t listen to instructions and then they give the teacher a hard time teaching us.

We like to learn new interesting facts about our countries India, Japan, Thailand also China. We like to look for it’s Climate, Geography, landmarks, culture, history and it’s population. I love to read lots and do plays with my reading group and my teacher Mr. Slade.

I Love to learn new things with my teacher Mr Slade and I wish to learn more interesting things.