Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Thank You letter Mrs Wright

Dear Mrs, Wright
Thank you very much for my new book you have given to me to have, I really appreciate it.

My favourite book is Taylor Swift’s book which is very interesting to me, I enjoy reading all her books, I also like listening to her songs she makes. My favourite part from the book is when she goes up and performs her song on stage to everyone. My funniest part from the book is when a girl cried from seeing Taylor Swift.

Thank you very much Mrs Wright for the books you have given to me to read. Remember “It’s cool to read and it’s cool to succeed”. Thank you very much for the books you have given to my class and to all the teachers and to everyone. I have really enjoyed every book I have received.

Yours sincerely,
Saint Pius X Catholic school

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What Is Blogging

Answers these questions in full sentences.

1) How many blogs are there in the world?
There are over 150 blogs in the world✔

2) What is a blog?
A blog is where you put your work on and share it all over the Internet and people can see the work you have done.✔

3) What does Collaboration mean?
Collaboration means when you work with other people ✔

4) What does link mean?
Link means a connection between things or people also to join objects, ideas or other people.✔

5) Name 4 blogging platforms.There are four platforms, twitter, tumblr, blog and Myspace.✔

6) What are the 3 blog categories and what do they do?
The 3 categories are MP3 blog that has loads of songs, Vlog has lots of videos. The last one is photoblog has loads of photos on the blog. Those are the 3 categories that I have learnt from the movie I watched on Tuesday.✔

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Helping The Hungry

Helping the Hungry

1) What is your foundation?
The foundation Auckland city Mission
2) Who do they help?
Auckland City mission helps the hungry and poor people who have no food to eat.✔
3) Where are they based?
Hobson St and Otahuhu offices.✔
4) How do they help?
In every Christmas the Auckland city mission give dresses to other people who has no clothes✔
5) How do they raise their money?
Auckland city raises money by Fundraising and donation
6) Why do you think they help the hungry?Auckland City helped the hungry because they had no food to eat.
7) Explain how you could help the hungry?

I could help the hungry by donating money to them and giving them food to eat.

Garfield Being CyberSmart

1) What part of Cybersmart is Garfield discussing?
The Part of Cybersmart that Garfield is discussing is giving your personal information away.✔

2) What was Nermo excited about?
Nermo was excited about meeting ComicCat12.✔

3) How did --- get in contact with ComicCat12?
Nermo went online and she saw ComicCat12 comment that he had wrote, and ComicCat12 said we should meet.✔

4) Explain why Nermo shouldn’t meet ComicCat12?
Nermo shouldn’t meet ComicCat12 because he doesn’t know what kind of person he is going to meet.✔

5) Why is it important that Nermo is careful about the information he puts online? Nermo should be careful putting on the information online because it is not safe to give away full personal information because it might not be a person it can be anyone he doesn’t know.✔

6) What does YAPPY stand for?
YAPPY stands for, Your name, Address, Password, Plans, Your phone number.✔

Monday, December 3, 2012

Saint Francis of Assisi

For the last few weeks Room3 has been focising on Saints for Religious Education, I picked Saint Francis of Assisi because he had alot of interesting facts about him. I enjoyed finding facts about him because some of the questions were easy to find out about Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Francis of Assis is very interesting to me. Check this amazing presentation out about Saint Francis of Assisi that I made.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lego Story

Once upon a time there lived an old man named Oli he had one son named Godfrey. One day Oli was sitting in his room thinking of a name for his toys and a truck came past and it said Lego so Oli named his new toys Lego.

The main characters were Oli and his son Godfrey. They loved to make toys to sell to other people. The made the toys at their house in the middle of a field. The story was set in the olden days because in all the scenes it was filled with old houses and the characters were wearing old fashion clothes.


Monday, November 26, 2012

Jesus Promise

Jesus I promise that I will follow the 10 commandments
and love our neighbours for being kind to us.
I promise that I will respect everyone especially my parents who love me more than anyone else. I will always use my virtues to other people so that they can follow the good things I do, I will be friendly to my friends and to other people I don't know. I will always Obey God because he sacrificed his life on the cross for our sinning.
I will always go to church to pray to God not go to church and play because that is just disrespecting God in church if you play instead of pray.
I will never break Jesus Promises anymore.                                             

Typing Challenge

Typing Test
Visit the Typing Test and try!

For the past few weeks room 3 have been doing typing practise and alot of people have been in the 40s and 30s but I got 50, that was my best score so far,  

Friday, November 23, 2012

Narrative Writing

1) What is a narrative?
A made up story
2) What is the main purpose for the beginning of a narrative?
Explaining the person.
3) What is a dilemma?
A dilemma or problem which disrupts the normal life or comfort of the characters and set of a sequence of interesting events.
4) What are three sentence starters that you could use in a narrative?
First, Next and after
5) What should be in the ending of a narrative?
A description of the final outcome.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Maths Book

Monique & Rachel
For the last few weeks me and my partner have been working on our Maths Toondoo book for our soulfriends from room 4. We have put alot of equations in this book. Check this out.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Favourite Food Rap

My favourite food is Ice cream, and it makes me scream steam.
When I eat fast I always say brain freeze
Ice cream is so sticky but you know its alright
There are so many flavours chocolate vanilla ice cream.
I eat ice cream in a cup that I always say sup.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Smart Learner

By being a smart Learner you have to concentrate on the work you are doing, also you should always keep on the right track when it is time for you to be learning. You will have to obey the rules when it is time for learning. Listen carefully when the teacher is talking because you might not know what to do ,and when you go to start your learning you might have to go back to the teacher and ask her “what do I have to do?” You always have to use your virtues when you are working with another person instead of screaming to them when they are right next to you. Always have your stuff ready before you start learning, you always must have a pencil before you start doing your work.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Manaiakalani film festival

On Wednesday the whole school went to the Hoyts at Sylvia Park to watch the Manaiakalani film festival with schools around the cluster. Before we went to Sylvia Park we had morning tea early and we had to line up in our class lines so that we could go into the bus together. When I was in the bus I saw the moon in front of the sun and it got sort of dark but not really dark.

When we arrived to the Cinema I ran to the back to get a good seat so that I could see properly. I was really happy that I was there watching movies that other schools made. When everyone was seated Mr Coakley introduced us and then we started watching the movies.

My favourite movie I watched was ‘Be Happy’ by Aleina and Ofa at SPX. They had their own piece to sing and Aleina sang really good as well as Ofa. I liked Ofa when she sang the rap to the song.

I was so happy that I went to Sylvia Park I had a great time there with the whole school. I am really looking forward for the next Manaiakalani film festival next year.

Friday, November 9, 2012



To be a good Sportmanship you will have to play fair and dont let you team down, be kind to your team mates. Help on another so you wont get in trouble from the teacher.
Dont cheat in the game other wise you will not have a good time outside, never fight with team mates. Have a good time in sports and never get in trouble because you will get upset from not playing fair. That is why you always play fair and have a good time when you play.Be helpful with your friends in the games you play

Friday, November 2, 2012

Duffy And The Best Book In The World

Today we had a special Duffy theatre with the actors named Marvel, Duffy and Scruffy.

I really liked the Duffy theatre. While I was watching I felt like laughing all the time but I was scared I might get in trouble. When Scruffy came out from behind the boxes he did the Gangnam style moves and everyone was laughing so hard that they had to do the X to tell us the the noise level is too high. We had rules before we had start the show and our 2 rules were that you have to always be seated on your bottom so that the person at the back of us could see properly and the last rule was to keep the noise level down so that  they can keep the story going and they won't have to stop.

I liked it when it was Emmy’s birthday because 5 people got to volunteer to be the wrapping paper and a lot of people put their hands up and Duffy picked  2 people from Rm3. Emmy had woken up from her sleep and it was her birthday and she went and woke up her dad Sonny Bill and Emmy poked his head to wake him up.  Emmy told her dad it was her birthday and asked where her birthday presents where. Her dad said that he got her a book named the best book in the world. Emmy loved her surprise, so Emmy asked her dad can I open it and the dad said yes so Emmy unwrapped the wrapping paper and she was so happy. It was the end of the show and they told us can you please sing along with us the DUFFY SONG and at the end we sang it and we were so happy and we went back to class for hometime... I was so happy to have the Duffy theatre show I felt good.                                                            

Cinquin Poem 2

Ice Cream

Nice, Yummy

Eating, Licking, Melting

They are very sticky


Monday, October 22, 2012

Typing Practice

Typing Test
Visit the Typing Test and try!

My Weird Neighbours


On a cold night a light was shining right directly at my window and it shines on the wall and it keeps me awake all the time.


I awoke from my sleep and I looked outside the window to see where the light was coming from, it was my neighbours I said to myself “ what must they be doing at this time”. So I went to my sister Tokilupe she was sleeping so hard that I couldn’t even wake her up, I finally woke her up by pulling her off the bed, I told her “there is a strange light coming from our neighbours”. My sister told me lets go to your room and check it out so we went into my room and the light was still shining on the wall. Tokilupe said to me “I can hear a strange sound coming from the neighbours” I replied back to her “yeah you are wright “!. It must be a haunted house Tokilupe said to me and I said yes!!!. So we went together next door to see what where the light was coming from, my sister went to knock on the door and a lady answered the door she looked so scary that I wished that I never came here ever again. So I told her “can you please turn off your light because I am trying to sleep “ but the lady said to them “ we need our light on because our children is scared that there might be something in the house that is giving them the creeps”. So the lady said to them “ Ok I will try to off the light when they are sleeping “ Ok said Tokilupe and her sister so they went back to there house and when they went to bed and the next door neighbours light offed and Tokilupe and her sister were very surprised when the light turned off.


When Tokilupe and her sister was just about to go sleep the light just suddenly turned on again and Tokilupe and her sister said I thought that we told her to turn of the light and Tokilupe and her sister went over next door to see what was going on. They knocked on the door and the lady answered it again the lady said to them ooh you guys again, Tokilupe said to the lady I thought we told you to off the light.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fact and Opinion Activity

Fact and Opinion

Six of these statements are opinions about features of John’s life, not facts.  Place ticks beside the six opinions.
When John Rutherford was six years old he was sent to work in a cotton mill.
He ran away to sea as a cabin boy when he was ten.
Going to sea was the beginning of a hard and adventurous life.
The life of a cabin boy did not suit John at all.
Later, when he was older, he was forced to join the crew of a British warship.
During one of his voyages he fell ill and was left in Hawaii.
Life was boring and dull in Hawaii with nothing to do.
When the next ship docked, he joined it and sailed to New Zealand.
During the voyage to New Zealand the ship was caught in the worst storm ever seen in the Pacific.
When the ship anchored in New Zealand waters, some Maori came on board.
The captain was too afraid to try and stop them.
A fight broke out and John was taken prisoner by the Maori.
After his capture, John had his face tattooed.
The tattooing hurt a great deal, but he lay still and quiet to show how brave he was.
After a time, John’s Maori captors made him a chief.

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Rosary

This week I was learning the Rosary because it was the month of Mary. I learnt that a whole 10 beeds is saying the Hail Mary, and teh small beds are the our Father, and the 3 beeds are also the Hail Mary. The cross Is the Glory Be, this is what I have learnt in Religious Education.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Smart Learner

By being a smart Learner you have to concentrate on the work you are doing, also you should always keep on the right track when it is time for you to be learning. You will have to obey the rules when it is time for learning. Listen carefully when the teacher is talking because you might not know what to do ,and when you go to start your learning you might have to go back to the teacher and ask her “what do I have to do?” You always have to use your virtues when you are working with another person instead of screaming to them when they are right next to you. Always have your stuff ready before you start learning, you always must have a pencil before you start doing your work.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Church Summative Assessment

Underline all the words that could be used to finish each sentence:
The Church is to worship God..........    
as Creator of all and above all else through the celebration of each of the Sacraments  ✔  
only on Sundays through prayer and service    
once a year at Easter    

in the Eucharist The five seasons of the Church’s Liturgical Year are..........    Lent  ✔          Spring            Summer        Advent  ✔  
ANZAC Day        Ordinary Time ✔    Winter

Match the season and the meaning and the colour:
preparing for Easter                     Advent        green✔
celebrating God’s love - aroha every day    Christmas         purple✔
celebrating the birth of Jesus             Lent            yellow✔
preparing for Christmas                 Easter        purple✔
celebrating Jesus’ rising from the dead        Ordinary Time    yellow✔

Finish these sentences:
During his life Jesus saved people from sins and sick. ✔
Jesus died so people would do good things instead of bad things. x saved people from sin.

Write true or false
The Eucharist strengthens people to live as followers of Christ -  True ✔  
The Church celebrates the Lord’s day on Fridays - False✔

On Tuxpaint illustrate a church set up for a liturgical celebration

Monday, October 1, 2012

Reflection Term 3

Learning Journal

Being a successful learner involves you being reflective about the learning process. It is about you identifying your strengths, weaknesses and areas you would like to improve in. Reflection just does not happen at the end of a task, it can be throughout a task.

I would now like you to take some time to answer these questions:

1. Are you pleased with how this term has gone for you?
Yes, because I am happy because I got to learn new things this term with my teacher.

2. What have you learnt this term?
This term I have learnt how to create a book on ToonDoo by myself , but with some help from my teacher miss G and miss M and some students in my class.

3. What have you found easy this term?
What I found easy this term is my reading and my writing because I like to write something new each day.

4. What have you found tricky / difficult this term?
I found Religious Education tricky this term because it was quite hard drawing my pictures and answering my questions on the Google Doc that miss G had given to us.
The difficult thing this term was my maths because it was hard answering my 3 times tables, but know I know my tables because I sang the 3 time stabled song over and over again.
5. Who / what has helped you with your learning this term?
This term miss G and miss M has been helping me with my learning, also Ana and Sonya has been helping me with my work because they are sometimes the first ones to finish.

6. What could you change with your learning for next term?
Next term I will change my learning skills to listen carefully to my teacher so I can finish my set work the teacher has given to me.

7. What are your next learning steps to make you a successful learner for next term? My next learning steps for next term is to do my work instead of talking to my friends