Thursday, November 27, 2014

Explaination Writting

I will be doing a piece of writing that will be all about a Church.In My Piece of writing I will be telling you all about,what is a church naming the parts,what is a church used for,why is it important,how is it used and final comments. Also where you can find a church.

A church is a special place for everyone to enter and talk to God,Jesus and Mary.Some churches come in different sizes big,small, and even medium sized churches. In a church you will see alot of Jesus,God and Mary Pictures on a frame hanging on the wall to remind us of a lovely man named Jesus who died on the cross for our sins.

A church can be used for many things like celebrations,confessions,talking to God,farewells and heaps of other things you would imagine using a church for. In a church many people use it for normal masses like everyday especially Sundays. Every Sunday people come to worship God to say special prayers to him.

A church is important to me because it helps me understand more about Jesus,God and Mary. It also helps students to learn more about Religious Education.

A church is also really important because you can go there to receive you Holy communion and you can also talk to the priest about your sins.

A church cam be found all over the world.It can be found in Samoa,Tonga,New Zealand and many more places around the world.Chatholics,Mormans and other religions participate in church masses.

A church is special because it brings people together to show Faith, Hope and Love to one another and to also make people feel like we're all one big family.In a church we treat everyone like our own Brothers & sisters.

I believe a church is a special place more everyone. I hope this helps you understand why a church is special..