Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Okatapodi is a short film which is made in Greece, my teachers favourite country. Room 3 and Miss G watched Okatapodi because we were learning to share your opinion about the things. The characters were Okatapodi and his girlfriend, Okatapodi was orange and Okatapodi’s girlfriend was pink.

Okatapodi and his girlfriend were together, then the girlfriend got captured and Okatapodi was so sad. Okatapodi’s girlfriend and him escaped from the van. The man chased Okatapodi and his girlfriend. The truck stopped and Okatapodi and the man fought over the girlfriend. Okatapodi rescued his girlfriend from the man. They both sat on the wire in the air. Soon a  seagull appeared  and he took Oktapodi  and the girlfriend flew off the wire and shoot off  to rescue Okatapodi from the seagull.

I really liked the short film because when Okatapodi’s girlfriend got taken away Okatapodi went and saved her. When Okatapodi got taken away from the seagull Okatapodi’s girlfriend went and saved him. That is why I really liked the short film.

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