Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Narrative Writing

On a beautiful day Cathy planned on having a picnic through the forest with her best friend Julz. They wanted to spend time together because they did not see each other very often.  They only saw each other after school or before school. So they Packed their stuff and off they went through the forest.

While they were walking through the forest they heard a little sound coming from inside a spiky bush, Cathy and  Julz were very scared because they didn't know if it was a scary monster or something else. So Cathy and Julz played I dare you!, Cathy landed a scissors and Julz landed a paper. “Yes I win” screamed Cathy. So Julz went and looked what was in the bush, when she looked in the bush she screamed out OMG. Cathy saw a Little ginger kitten who was really hurt and he needed to go to the vet or the hospital. So they went to the vet to check what was wrong with the Kitten. They found out that the kittens paw was broken so they put some kind of cream on it and wrapped it with a cast and went and carried on with their picnic and lived happily ever after.

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