Friday, March 21, 2014



Today I’m going to write to you about bullying. A bully is a person that does something to make someone feel bad.

The effects of being bullied causes people to be depressed and angry or even worse. If it gets taken too far they could hurt themselves.

Some of the reasons why people bully other people is because they might be jealous of another person they know.Another reason why they do it is because they get really angry so they want to take their anger out on someone else and they might want your attention.

There are different ways people bully people, they bully them from their mouth or from their actions. They say stuff like you ugly your mum and dad’s fat, they do it just to make you feel sad and they also want reactions from the person they are bullying.

A really good reason for bullying to stop is by ignoring them whenever they try to follow or say bad stuff about you..
Bullying should really stop

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