Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Four Cyberpets

There once were four cyberpets called Si the Octopus, Snuffles the Stingray, Curly the jelly- fish and Kaha the Turtle. They all lived in the deep blue sea with a lot of different sea creatures that were very friendly. They liked to play together with other sea creatures in the northern sea when they travelled together.

The games they liked to play most are Hide and Seek and Fish, fish, shark! The four best creatures liked to eat seaweed, sea bugs and mermaid tails. The four Cyber friends lived together in the octopus garden with their parents and families.
One day the four friends were watering their garden, suddenly they couldn’t see anything, only glass in the middle of nowhere. They were trapped because some fishermen were fishing by the cyberpets garden and they caught them. The four cyberpets called and called for help but no one could hear them because they were stuck inside glass.

They were so worried that they would never see their parents again. They didn't want that to happen to them. They tried to swim back but they were stuck. A little girl arrived she saw the four cyberpets and she asked the man “Can I please have those pets because I am so lonely and I have no friends and I am very sad. Please can I have those pets?” So the man said “Okay”. Sadly they never got to see their parents again. The four Cyberpets lived happily ever after together with the girl.

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