Monday, October 22, 2012

My Weird Neighbours


On a cold night a light was shining right directly at my window and it shines on the wall and it keeps me awake all the time.


I awoke from my sleep and I looked outside the window to see where the light was coming from, it was my neighbours I said to myself “ what must they be doing at this time”. So I went to my sister Tokilupe she was sleeping so hard that I couldn’t even wake her up, I finally woke her up by pulling her off the bed, I told her “there is a strange light coming from our neighbours”. My sister told me lets go to your room and check it out so we went into my room and the light was still shining on the wall. Tokilupe said to me “I can hear a strange sound coming from the neighbours” I replied back to her “yeah you are wright “!. It must be a haunted house Tokilupe said to me and I said yes!!!. So we went together next door to see what where the light was coming from, my sister went to knock on the door and a lady answered the door she looked so scary that I wished that I never came here ever again. So I told her “can you please turn off your light because I am trying to sleep “ but the lady said to them “ we need our light on because our children is scared that there might be something in the house that is giving them the creeps”. So the lady said to them “ Ok I will try to off the light when they are sleeping “ Ok said Tokilupe and her sister so they went back to there house and when they went to bed and the next door neighbours light offed and Tokilupe and her sister were very surprised when the light turned off.


When Tokilupe and her sister was just about to go sleep the light just suddenly turned on again and Tokilupe and her sister said I thought that we told her to turn of the light and Tokilupe and her sister went over next door to see what was going on. They knocked on the door and the lady answered it again the lady said to them ooh you guys again, Tokilupe said to the lady I thought we told you to off the light.

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