Friday, November 2, 2012

Duffy And The Best Book In The World

Today we had a special Duffy theatre with the actors named Marvel, Duffy and Scruffy.

I really liked the Duffy theatre. While I was watching I felt like laughing all the time but I was scared I might get in trouble. When Scruffy came out from behind the boxes he did the Gangnam style moves and everyone was laughing so hard that they had to do the X to tell us the the noise level is too high. We had rules before we had start the show and our 2 rules were that you have to always be seated on your bottom so that the person at the back of us could see properly and the last rule was to keep the noise level down so that  they can keep the story going and they won't have to stop.

I liked it when it was Emmy’s birthday because 5 people got to volunteer to be the wrapping paper and a lot of people put their hands up and Duffy picked  2 people from Rm3. Emmy had woken up from her sleep and it was her birthday and she went and woke up her dad Sonny Bill and Emmy poked his head to wake him up.  Emmy told her dad it was her birthday and asked where her birthday presents where. Her dad said that he got her a book named the best book in the world. Emmy loved her surprise, so Emmy asked her dad can I open it and the dad said yes so Emmy unwrapped the wrapping paper and she was so happy. It was the end of the show and they told us can you please sing along with us the DUFFY SONG and at the end we sang it and we were so happy and we went back to class for hometime... I was so happy to have the Duffy theatre show I felt good.                                                            

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