Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What Is Blogging

Answers these questions in full sentences.

1) How many blogs are there in the world?
There are over 150 blogs in the world✔

2) What is a blog?
A blog is where you put your work on and share it all over the Internet and people can see the work you have done.✔

3) What does Collaboration mean?
Collaboration means when you work with other people ✔

4) What does link mean?
Link means a connection between things or people also to join objects, ideas or other people.✔

5) Name 4 blogging platforms.There are four platforms, twitter, tumblr, blog and Myspace.✔

6) What are the 3 blog categories and what do they do?
The 3 categories are MP3 blog that has loads of songs, Vlog has lots of videos. The last one is photoblog has loads of photos on the blog. Those are the 3 categories that I have learnt from the movie I watched on Tuesday.✔

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