Monday, June 24, 2013

Alex Fala’s Visit :)

Alex Fala :) Slideshow: Monique’s trip to Auckland was created with TripAdvisor TripWow!

On a cold windy day after lunch time a visitor from LesMills named Alex came to talk to us about how he became successful in his job.

After lunch time Alex came into room6 to talk to us about his life adventure and his journeys, before Alex started introducing himself we started of with out school prayer.

When we finished the prayer Alex started introducing himself by telling us his about his culture. He told us he was from Samoa and his dad lives in a small village in Samoa. After he told us about his culture we asked him has anybody discouraged you and he said “not really!!. Another question we asked Alex was what sort of advice would you give a student when he/she ask to be like you, he’ll just tell you to follow your dreams and Never give up.

When everybody finished telling questions to Alex he gave a bag of prizes to Miss leaupepe to hand out to the class whoever has the most votes. I wish Alex would be able to visit room6 again and tell us more about his life and journey. Alex told room6 some of the best things about his adventure and his journey I wish he could come back again.!

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