Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jonny Wartman Visit?

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“Yay!” I said as soon as Miss Leaupepe said that Jonny Wartman is coming over to Room6 to tell us how he became successful.

After lunch time Jonny Wartman came over to room6 and started introducing himself, but before he introduced himself we started of with the school prayer. After we sang our school prayer he started introducing himself to Room6.

Jonny Wartman said that when he was a little kid he was interested in graffiti, so he would sit in front of the tv and watch cartoons and he said after he watches the cartoons he would always go and draw pictures of the cartoon that he watched. He started telling us about how he became successful in his job. Jonny told us if you wish to be like him you just have to follow your dreams and never give up and try your best and believe in yourself.

Jonny Wartman took Room6 outside and he stuck a big canvas paper on the brick wall and asked Miss Leaupepe what should he draw, so he thought of it and he drew a nice tropical beach image. So while he was drawing the image he was telling us that we should not stay close to him while he is drawing because the chemicals in the spray are very strong. Jonny was drawing a very nice picture with a lot of colourful colours, while he was drawing the whole of Room7 came out of the class and watched with us too. Jonny Wartman really inspired me to do graffiti. I hope one day I will become a graffiti artist like him in the future.

After his picture Lose thanked him for coming to our school and telling us about his adventures and journey and how he became successful. Then everyone went to class and Dalaney stayed with Jonny Wartman and showed him his book of drawing and was talking with him while everyone was in class.

It was a beautiful day and exciting day for Jonny Wartman to come. I wish Jonny Wartman would be able to come and visit Saint Pius X school again and maybe he might be able to draw us a bigger picture next time.

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