Thursday, June 28, 2012

Imagination Story

Boom Boom Boom! as I digging a huge hole for my mum. It was sunny and it was very hot. As I started to daydream from digging such a boring big hole I dug deeper and deeper until I had fallen in. I awoke to see a place I had never seen before. I realized that I was in Candyland, my dream I had dreamed about last night.

As I landed I fell on sticky, shiny, sparkling ground and they had lollipop trees and rain fell down which was made of hundreds and thousands.

I saw a shadow, it was James the human, I saw in candyland in my dream, in front of me looking at me fiercely. James had straight hair and 2 legs that had 5 toes on them. He also had normal hands and fingers and a mouth that could talk. He had nice cute tango eyes that blended in with his hair colour. When I got up James Diamond was holding a present in his hands and he asked me “take this and hide it, make sure no one takes it because if someone finds it our world will end and everyone will die so hide it safely”. “Ok” I replied.

When I went back to my real world I ran to my room and hid it under my pillow and never told anyone where it was. As soon as I hid it secretly I went on digging my hole that my mum had told me to do. I went to see what was in my present and I saw all my family members faces floating around in a circle with snow falling down, It was so beautiful that I almost cried. I then realized that James had said “keep it a secret” so I never told anyone because I wanted it to save my best friends James’ life and the world that he lives in.

I really wanted to see James again but if I went someone might go in my bedroom and find the glass ball, it is very special to me and to James too.                                  

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Miss G said...

Good story Monique, pity there is no illustration though! I enjoyed reading about Candyland and how you described the land there. Make sure you are keeping up with all your work though and this will help you to finish on time.

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