Friday, June 1, 2012

Tom And The Dragon

One day Tom asked his mum if he could go play near the pier, but his mum told him to not play in the cave because there was a dirty, scary dragon that eats kids.

When Tom entered the cave the dragon did not notice that Tom was there. As the dragon saw the boy he cried and he did not notice it was a little boy called Tom. The dragon peeked down and carried on crying in front of Tom. Tom’s mother had said “the dragon will barbecue you with his flaming fire coming out of his mouth”, Tom just stood there not being scared or worried.

After that they went to the beach and had such a great time together, because they realised that neither of them was going to hurt the others. When Tom went to play next to the pier he asked the dragon if he wanted to join him because Tom was so lonely by himself.

Tom always took great care of his friend the dragon and dragon always looked after Tom. The dragon was so happy to have a friend like Tom to like him and to respect each other.After when Tom and the dragon got to know each other then they became enemies forever.

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