Friday, June 29, 2012

Pigeon Impossible

Pigeon Impossible
Plot: The little film that room 3 three watched was about a Pigeon and Walter. What happened was that Walter (the secret agent) had a secret case. Walter went to sit down as he was eating his donut that he had bought then he looked and saw a Pigeon. The pigeon wanted the whole donut but Walter only gave him a little bit and chucked it on the floor, but the pigeon just looked and looked at him sadly. Walter had kept the suitcase open and Pigeon went and scratched him in the face and jumped into the suitcase and started to press buttons he wasn’t suppose to press. Pigeon pressed buttons to move the suitcase and it did but when Walter went to walk to the suitcase the pigeon pressed buttons and Walter got scared, so the case ran to an old lady and the old lady screamed ahhhhhhh! then she ran away. After that the Pigeon Impossible flew back to Walter and he pulled out a gun and Walter got scared of the shooting the gun that Pigeon impossible was shooting at everybody. As Pigeon Impossible carried on shooting Walter picked up the donut and showed it to the Pigeon, soon afterwards the Pigeon got very hungry and stopped shooting at everybody. So Walter slowly handed him the donut but he tricked him and ran but Pigeon Impossible never fell for it, as soon as Walter started to run Pigeon went back into the cage and brang out a bomb that scared Walter. Walter got a fright and ran back and said wow!. Soon Pigeon Impossible came out and Walter smacked his face and Pigeon Impossible hopped out and Walter chucked the donut and and the donut hit the bomb button. After that Walter saw the rocket come out and he freaked out and pressed a button that led to a place that the bomb was going too. So Walter closed the suitcase and ran away to blow the rocket up, so W alter went and the Pigeon Impossible followed behind Walter then Walter brang out the gun but the gun ran out of bullets. As then Walter brang out a bomb and he opened the case and he chucked out the donut and the Pigeon followed the donut all the way down to where they were before the accident happened. Walter shot the rocket down and he landed on the ground then Walter saw the Pigeon Impossible and he looked up in the sky and he must of saw the rocket coming down and he put on his glasses and walked away.
So when the bomb fell down it fell on to the pigeon and he died.

Problem: The Pigeon wanted all of the donut but Walter only gave him a little bit but Pigeon Impossible wanted it all. So what Pigeon Impossible did is that he scratched Walters face and he chased the donut but he fell into the case. So Pigeon Impossible pressed alot of buttons and it shot everybody. Soon afterwards Pigeon Impossible ran to an old lady and she got scared and ran away, next he went to pull out a gun and he shot it to Walter but Pigeon Impossible missed Walter. So Pigeon Impossible ran onto the road and started shooting everywhere, then Walter picked up the donut and showed it to Pigeon Impossible and Pigeon Impossible felt hungry and and he stopped shooting and he went to get the donut. Pigeon Impossible ran to the case but Pigeon Impossible closed it.

Solution: Walter opened the suit and the donut fell down and the Pigeon Impossible ran after it.

Your opinion of the story: I liked the short film because Pigeon Impossible kept on pressing random buttons that shot everyone and everyone got scared of him and the suitcase.

Illustration of a character doing something from the story: I liked Pigeon Impossible because he is a funny Pigeon.

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