Saturday, August 18, 2012

Apple Description

Red, Green apples are very fresh and delicious and I always love to eat it for fruit at home or anywhere.

Apples are round like a tennis balls and they have a little stick on top that is brown. It sounds like a crunchy sound and the apples smell fresh and brand new it’s like you are up in Heaven when you smell them. The apples feel like a hard round ball and it is easy to hold. It also feels small as a moon. It tastes juicy and delicious in my mouth, it is so yummy, sweet and sour.

The apples are seen at any places like Supermarkets, Pak N’ save, fruit shops and even at school for fruits. The apples are on trees and everywhere else.

Apple are used for dessert and cooking with, you can make toffee apples too. The apples are special because it was my favourite fruit when I was born into this country, NZ.

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