Monday, August 13, 2012

Olympic Torch Description

The Olympics Ceremony has started and as every team entered they carried 1 petal for the olympics torch. It shone brightly around where the Olympians were taking hold at.

The torch is special because it was started at the opening ceremony at the Olympics. The people that were doing the Olympics brought 1 petal each to the ceremony when they entered the stadium.

The Olympics Torch is very bright and shiny when you first see it. It is amazing and it has a lot of grouped petals that the Olympian’s brought in.

The Petals are for the Olympic torch, it was golden and beautiful in fact people stared at the torch when it was lit up.

The Olympic Torch is lit up for the Olympic games. The Torch is lit because when the torch is put out that means that the Olympic Games are finished and when it is still on it means the games is still going.

The Olympic Torch is seen in the Olympic Opening Ceremony where all the people can see that the Olympics are going to start.

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