Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kids for Kids Concert

On Monday, 17th September, 2012, Room 3  went on a Bus Trip to the Kids for Kids Rehearsal Day.

As soon as I got to school, I saw half of Room 3 inside the Bus waiting for other people to arrive. Kilisitina came out from the Bus and “told me to give me her lunch box so that she could put it in the box”. I went to hang my bag inside the classroom and then I went inside the bus to wait for Miss G. Inside the bus I met someone new it was Miss M who is a student from university who has come to room 3 to learn how to be a teacher. I thought it was Miss G’s friend, then I told Rachel, “who is that girl in the front seat?” Rachel replied back to me “it is Miss M she is training to be a teacher” so I said “ohhh”. We were just about to leave when the boys saw Simione coming from the car so Miss G told the bus driver to stop because  there is one person coming, so the bus driver stopped. Simione came and as we were about to leave we saw Justin walking with Phoenix so the bus driver stopped again. I was so happy to finally get to leave for the rehearsal.

As we went to Manukau where the Telstraclear Centre was we were all very excited. We had to do our rehearsal with the other schools, when we got out of the bus we had to get in order from smallest to tallest. A man told rm3 to follow him so we followed him and he led us to the chairs where the other schools were waiting for us. When we went into the room we heard music and we sang along with it. We had to listen to the man who had led us to the room, he was our introduction then he called us class by class and we had to go where Dayna From studio 2 had told us to go on the seats.

After that we were on our seats all settled down, we saw Suzanne Prentice our singer for the day come on to stage then we started to sing all our songs we had to sing. It soon was time for our break so we all had to say our number that Dayna had given to us, my number was 5. When we were having morning tea the soloists had to audition for their song, we had to go to the toilets because we were not allowed to go during practise time. When we finished going to the toilet I entered into the room and I saw Justin Bieber’s song on the big screen and everybody was singing.

We went to get in our orders and we had to hear the soloist do their songs that they had sung in front of Suzanne Prentice. It was time to go back to school and we had to pack up all our stuff and walk safely to the bus so we did do what we were told.

We were nearly at school and people were pretending to fall asleep in the bus. Yay! we arrived to school and it was already lunch time so we got told to go to get our lunch and eat and play.

I was so happy that we went to the rehearsal day because I was really proud of myself. 

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