Sunday, September 9, 2012

Musical Evening

It was Thursday evening and it was the day for Musical Evening Ohhh nooo, I was a very nervous girl  because Rm3 was performing up on stage in front of the whole school and as well as the parents that wanted to come.

As I entered into Saint Pius X Catholic school in my eye I saw alot of parents going into the hall I was very shy to just walk into school. As I went to the little playground with my friend Sonya and her little sister Angle, we started to play and then I started to call ”Kelly, Kelly where are you?”. Kera just ran past the playground and I asked her where Kelly was she replied back to me “she is looking for you” I told Kera “ooh mmyyyy goosh” . In my eyes I saw Kelly as we both hugged like we never seen each other in ages.

The bell started to ring and we all went and lined up in our orders to go in the hall to perform for the Musical Evening. I was very shy to go in the hall because alot of faces were staring at me and it just put me off from performing on the stage. We started to sit down and room 2 was up first but first we had and introducer it was Lavinia, she said that we were going to have a prayer from rom 2 and so they started. Room 1 did a stick dance in front of the audience, then room 1 and 2 did a dance.

It was time for the room 7 girls to do there Maori dance. It was nearly rm 3’s turn but first it was rm 5 then rm 4. Oooh my gosh it was finally our turn to perform.  We entered onto the stage  and I was feeling frightened just looking at the people’s faces, it was very scary to perform in front of a big crowd.

We were up on the stage first we had an introduction from Angelica,  Angelica said “now we have Rm3 up they are going to sing Puppet on a string and Somewhere out there”, also she said “they are going to sing these songs at the Kids 4 Kids show in a few weeks time.”

Rm3 was now singing and people were slowly getting money from their parents and other people’s parents. I was feeling a bit nervous because people were very quiet and you could like hear only you singing and everyone was moving side to side moving to the music. Our last song was somewhere out there so we sang feeling proud of ourselves and people were saying “Woooo”.

Yay it was finally over  and we had to go back to our seats and rm 6 went next to perform, then followed by rm7 boys doing their fijian dance called the Meke. It was time for the Noisy boys to do their performance with drums and other things and big buckets.

The Musical Evening was over and we sang our final song called Sister Act Medley, it was very cool because the parents joined in and it sounded very beautiful with the whole school singing. Wow, it was over, yay, I was very hot in the hall and I finally got to go home and have a good rest.
I was really happy the day was over, the next day I felt very proud that I did a good job at singing on Musical Evening.  


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