Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Holiday Ryming Poem

The holidays were all right, but then there started to be a fight.
We started to play in the house and a song came called ‘Dynamite’.

We went to get cash for my mum and dad, then suddenly a man came and that was bad.
We went to the the swimming pool down in Mabury, I went to get pies and then I saw a cat that was fury.

I went to go eat with my family, Then we had to walk back home sadly.


Aurora said...

Wow monique great poem those pie must have been yum and that song is a song I have not herd that song before but great job too.

BY see you later.

Sonya said...

Well done Monique I really like your poem about your holiday. Maybe next time when you write a poem maybe you could check your writing to see if it makes sense and then you could post in onto your blog:) Keep up the great work:)

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