Friday, July 5, 2013

My Story

Explain Me
Kia Ora my name is Monique and I go to Saint Pius X Catholic school. I am the 2nd youngest out of 5 kids. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters that I really love. My favourite thing to do is sing because I really like to practise singing for Music that we have at school on Thursdays. Also I really love to play ukulele because I love to learn new chords and new songs.

Explain Hero
My super hero is my auntie Hope because she always inspires me in everything I do. Everytime I am sick she will always be there for me whenever I need her, I will always love my auntie because she is like a bigger sister to me.

Explain Future
In my future I want to have a good education in school, college and university so that I can have a good job and my parents and family will be proud of me.
Explain Surrounding
When I grow up I want to have a brand new house for me and my friends to share and have a lovely time together. I want to have a beautiful view of a beach so that one day I can go and swim with my friends. The most important thing I want to have in my house is lots of furniture and designs on the wall.

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