Wednesday, July 10, 2013


*Waterspouts are similar to tornados

*It is a whirling pillar of wet air and like a stalk of a gigantic mushroom

*There are two types of Waterspouts - tornadic & non tornadic

*Waterspouts are caused in different weathers

*The most common ones are non tornadic or fair weather Waterspouts

*Some types of Waterspouts is dangerous and some are not dangerous

*Temperatures must be warm and humid,which is the reason  that many waterspouts  occur in the tropics

*Waterspouts is caused by warm air above the water rising and beginning to move into a circle

*There must be Puffy cotton clouds.

*When warm air rises cooler air rushes in horizontally
*There is rings of spray on the surface of the wate

*Some waterspouts can me see and some cannot be seen

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